It’s not you, it’s your lizard brain.

dreams kindhearted badass mastermind class May 02, 2022

It’s not that you don’t know what your dreams are. You have a dream. You know exactly what it is. You can visualize it down to the smallest details.

💐 You know exactly what flowers you would grow.
😂 Exactly what jokes you would tell.
👋Exactly what clients you want to work with.
📚Exactly what it will feel like to hold your first book in your hands.
🌳Exactly what it will feel like when that kid sees you in that cool ass costume at comic con.

😢But you don’t tell anyone the jokes.
😥You don’t share pictures of the bouquets that give you inspiration.
😭You don’t talk about your ideal clients.

Not even to the people closest to you, like your spouse or best friend.


🙄 Because they won’t get it.

💰 You don’t want to ask for family money for something that ONLY benefits you.

👯 You should probably pick something you can do with them instead.

So you leave that dream tucked away. And you settle. You settle for mediocre. You settle for safe.

Why would someone as brilliant and creative and with the potential to change the world with their dream settle for mediocre and safe?

Because your subconscious mind doesn’t want to do those dreams alone. Doing things alone is really scary. To your brain, chasing your dream alone feels equally as unsafe as jumping off a building.

Humans are wired to be collaborative. We need other humans.

Your brain won’t let you chase this big, scary thing without support. And it doesn’t believe your husband/wife/bestie is going to give you the support. So it keeps you stagnant.

But guess what?!

You can shut that lizard brain up really easily by jumping into the Kindhearted Badass Mastermind.

Why? Why would that make your lizard brain chill? 

Because in the Mastermind me, Jenine, and your mastermind group stand-in as your dream chasing BFFs.
🤯We help you figure out what to do when you run into problems.
👂 We listen to you celebrate and talk through every detail of your dream.
👏We clap and yell and jump up and down when your dreams start manifesting.

You’ll finally have people who GET IT. Who understand what it means to dream so big you’re scared to even speak it out loud. Who understand why that idea just WILL. NOT. GO. AWAY.

You know the dream. Now you have the team.

Let’s. Do. This. (Together)

Got questions? Hit me up.

Ready to make some moves? You know what to do.

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