I made it rain.⚡️⛈⚡️

dreams goals manifesting Sep 10, 2022

I'm obsessed with hot yoga. 


When I tried it for the first time last fall, I didn't expect to like it at all. Actually, my brain reminded me of all the reasons I shouldn't even bother trying it. 


🧘‍♀️ I've always struggled with yoga classes in the past. My ADHD brain didn't want to slow down and stay present for an hour. 

🧘 I'd been told as a teen that I had "sports induced asthma" and that I should avoid exerting myself in the heat. 

🧘‍♂️ I'm not flexible. 

🧘‍♀️ I hurt my knee. 


My brain was giving me some serious resistance. 


Something inside me told me to do it anyway. That I needed this to move my life forward in the way I wanted to. 


⚡️Or maybe it was just that the hot yoga room is small and dark and tucked away under the stairs, giving off big Harry Potter vibes, so how could I NOT try a class in there? 


Seriously though, whatever it was, I'm glad I trusted my instincts and gave hot yoga a try because it has legit changed my life. Ask anyone in the KHB Crew Membership, they'll tell you I relate nearly everything back to my hot yoga practice. 


Practicing hot yoga has helped me become stronger, more confident, and more powerful. 


Most surprisingly, perhaps, is how much impact the practice has had on my emotional and spiritual energy. 


At the beginning of every class, we set an intention for the class and for the day. This can be anything we feel we want to focus our energy on and it's totally personal. 


In a class earlier this week, my intentions were "power and ease." 


For the class, I wanted to feel powerful in my movements and to flow through my poses with ease. 


For my day, I wanted to step into and truly own my power, to trust my instincts, and make decisions with ease. 


I had a great class. I left the dark little room under the stairs feeling like a total badass. Setting my intentions worked. But it didn't stop there. 


Later that evening, I noticed some dark clouds in the distance as I was closing the shades in my bedroom. It's supposed to be our rainy season here in Florida, but we haven't had nearly as much rain as we should. We have had dark clouds, thunder, and lightning almost every night. But no rain.


When I saw those clouds rolling in, I looked at my husband and said, "Man, do we need rain! I'm gonna do a rain dance and make it rain!" 


And I did. I danced in front of the window chanting, "Come on universe, we need some rain!"


I let it be silly and fun on the outside, but on the inside, I was taking it seriously. In my soul, I was asking the Universe (or God, or Spirit, or anything else, I believe we're all talking about the same thing) to send us some rain. I finished my little dance and continued the nightly routine of getting my 5-year-old to bed, listening to the thunder rumble in the distance.


The thunder got closer and the lightning more frequent. I didn't think much of it since we'd had that every night. 


⛈ About 10 minutes after my rain dance, the skies opened up. It started pouring so hard we could barely see the houses across the lake out back and the torrent continued for a full 30 minutes. It was more rain than we'd had in weeks and it was AMAZING.


"Jenine, you don't really believe that YOU made it rain, right?" -you, thinking I’m crazy. 


Yes, actually, I do believe I made it rain. 


Remember when Heather and I held the rain off for the most perfect horseback ride? You can hear the story here if you missed it, but yeah, we have a history of manifesting the weather. 


Regardless of the impact my rain dance may have actually had, that rain made me feel powerful. 


It reminded me that I have so much more power than I’ve been using. It helped me see some of the ways I've been playing small and where I need to step into my power and truly own it. 


Do you need a reminder of your power? 


Ask yourself …


Where have you been limiting yourself?

How have you been playing small?

And, most importantly, what makes you feel like the powerful, Kindhearted Badass I know you are?


Comment below. I really want to know. 

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