You don't have to do it alone

We didn’t want to either. That’s why we created Kindhearted Badass.

We know we are better at life in general when we are in community, especially with other women. In today’s culture women seem to be becoming more and more isolated from each other. It’s no wonder losing ourselves and our dreams is so common. Women need other women!

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But where do you find other women to learn from and grow with?

We (Jenine and Heather) both spent years searching before we found each other in an online group. We don’t want you to spend years searching when you don’t have to. Kindhearted Badass is FULL of women waiting to embrace you exactly where you are, and cheer for you as you grow into the woman you want to become.

Where we started

When we met we were both searching for a way out of our day-to-day dread. Isolated and lonely as stay-at-home moms, we were depressed and frustrated by our lack of support and lack of drive. Having both been driven career women prior to making the choice to stay home with our children, we missed having other adults to talk to, ways to grow ourselves, and the feeling of accomplishment our careers gave us.

When we met inside an online fitness and mindset group we became fast friends, regardless of the 1200 miles between us.

The Don’t Die Fitness Club 

We lovingly refer to the group we met in as the Don’t Die Fitness Club. We loved that group SO MUCH. It forced us to see ourselves as more than sad, lonely, depressed moms. It gave us the community we craved and was a springboard for feeling like the strong, vibrant, badass women knew we were deep down. Eventually though, the rigid schedule and brutal daily workouts that helped pull us out of our lonely, isolated caves became more harmful than helpful.



We quickly realized we missed the support and camaraderie that the group provided.

So we took what we loved, left what we didn’t, and put our own twist on things.

Over the course of a year we tested, learned, and changed Kindhearted Badass until it became exactly what we wanted for ourselves and all our girlfriends: an all-inclusive place for women to connect, learn, dream, grow, feel loved, and be heard, all while pushing themselves to become better. 

Now we help women everywhere step into their power and become the most Kindhearted Badass versions of themselves by providing:

  • Courses that will teach you to value your dreams, create boundaries, and get out of your own way.
  • Tangible tools to uncover the most authentic and badass version of yourself.
  • A vibrant and lively community of women to share and grow with.
Are you ready to join and become a 

Kindhearted Badass?

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Badass Testimonals

This community is amazing

and a village you WANT to surround yourself in. It has strong friendships across the world, people who cheer you on when you can't, and helps get your mind, body and spirit focused on choosing a better you every day.


Wendy S

This group is simply the best!

It is full of positive people who are encouraging, supportive, and just wanting everyone to be the best version of themselves!



Becky H

Jenine and Heather are really similar in a lot of ways but they are total opposites in others.

Here are some FUN FACTS to get to know them:

Weight Training vs Running?

Jenine loves weight training and hates running. Heather loves running and hates weight training.

What's Our Style?

Heather’s style is country florals, cowboy boots, and chapstick. Jenine’s style is chic leopard print, glitzy heels, and winged eyeliner.

Polar Opposites

Heather is a lake loving Midwesterner. Jenine is a Floridian beach babe.

Animal Lovers

One thing they can agree on is their love of animals. Jenine is vegan and has two kitties, Vader and Jovi. Heather lives on a hobby farm where she spends her days cuddling goats and her turkey best friend, Big Mama.